Who are the Essex Doulas?

Hello, we are the Doulas in Essex. We are a collective of birth and postnatal doulas working throughout Essex. We come in all shapes and sizes, with a wealth of personalities. Some of us are crunchy, some of us are mainstream, but we all share the same passion, to support mums/dads/birth partners throughout their pregnancy, their birth and beyond. We support hospital births, home births, natural births, medicated births, hypnobirths, cesarean births or any other way that you would choose for your birth. We are non judgmental, informative advocates who have a huge respect for the birthing process and everyone involved in it, birth partners and health care professionals alike.

Reduction in Cesarean rates
Shorter Labour
Reduction in Epidural Requests
Reduction in Syntocinon use
Reduction in Analgesia use
Reduction in forceps delivery