Childbirth can be a scary thing, especially for first timers. A doula tends to be a woman that has already given birth and she can help take away some (if not all) of that fear. Doulas can make a difference in the outcome of your birth.

No! A doula does not perform any clinical or medical procedures. A doula is there to support you through your labour and birth and to help you know and understand your birth choices.

This would be entirely up to you. Most women prefer their doula to meet them at their home and stay with them whilst they labour until it is time to go to the hospital. They often find comfort in having the doula travel to hospital with them. Unless of course you have chosen a home birth, in which case I will be there to support you until you meet your baby.

No! The doula is there to support you and your partner. A good doula knows not to interrupt the vital interaction between a woman and her partner.

Or better yet; who deserves a postnatal doula? You and every woman who has just given birth deserves to be cared for. You deserve time to spend exclusively with your new child, and time to rest and recuperate, without household chores on your mind. A sympathetic ear from a caring professional is also helpful.

Between the 4th and 6th month is an ideal time to interview with your prospective doula. This allows you to focus on your birth, feeling secure in the knowledge that you have help in place for the first few weeks, after your baby is born. Any time right up to your ninth month is a fine time to call, please remember a postnatal doula’s schedule can fill up months in advance.

Call and I will do my best to provide you with this specialised care.

Siblings need extra attention while you get to know your new child. Your doula will put together simple meals and perform light chores, such as, empty the dishwasher and fill your freezer for starters. They will also help you sort out the challenges a new family member can bring.

A nanny normally cares for babies, and children exclusively. A maternity nurse will also care exclusively for the baby. A postnatal doula is a non-medical professional. A postnatal doula specialises in the care of you, the mother, the household and siblings; offering help with the baby when needed. She is there to empower you to be the mother that you want to be.

Postnatal doulas love newborn babies and it is our pleasure to offer guidance with everything from breastfeeding, to bath time, nappy changing and swaddling. They are also well educated in the current baby care techniques and child related topics. Your doula will be happy to care for your baby while you nap or shower.

Interview any doulas you are interested in, then call their past clients for references. Postnatal doulas work in many different homes in the course of a year. It becomes second nature to ‘fit in’ with many different styles of families.