Rebecca Bush

Rebecca Bush

Recognised Birth and Mentored Post Natal Doula

Doula service offered:

  • Recognised Birth Doula
  • Mentored Post Natal Doula

Lives in: Chelmsford CM1

Local info and availability:
Chelmsford, Essex and surrounding areas.

Other services:
*Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor *Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing Teacher *Pregnancy Relaxation Classes *Volunteer within The Nesting Place Chat Group

How to contact Rebecca:


About Me

I live in Chelmsford with my partner Jason, our 2 daughters Emily (3) & Rosie (16m) and of course our eldest fur baby, Tess the dog (8).

I experienced 2 positive home births and felt fully supported, respected and knew how to question a decision that I disagreed with through having the right support and knowledge around me. Now I am proud to offer the same support to help others achieve the right birth for them.

My passion for all things birth and beyond continuously grow and I am now a distance learner for a Higher Access Diploma in Midwifery to increase my thirst for knowledge on this wonderful subject of pregnancy and birth.

Women are amazing and I believe their birth partners are vital in helping aid a positive birth too, and as a Birth Doula I work alongside you, your birth partner and Midwife team.

I respect your preferences, your choices, I am non judgemental and maintain confidentiality for all clients. My role is to support you and your birth partner, to listen to your concerns and talk through ideas how to achieve the best possible birth for you.

As your Post Natal Doula, I am available to talk your birth, help with chores, to take your baby for a walk whilst your sleep or shower. As a Mum of 2 girls in Chelmsford, I have a knowledge on the area and local Mum and Baby groups to recommend should you like to join any too.

Testimonial: I was unsure about having a Doula but when I initially spoke to Bec, I immediately started to see the benefits of having the extra support of someone not in my family.  I was able to talk to her about my worries and concerns and feel listened to. This enabled me to really focus positively on the birth I wanted. I had attempted a home birth with my first child but ended up transferring to hospital. I feel the primary reason for the first homebirth not working out, was due to a lack of the right support.

This time my daughter came swiftly, painlessly (with a little gas and air) and almost stress free (the baby came quickly on a Friday evening and was born without a midwife present). I do feel without Bec this would have led to panic and chaos, not what I would have wanted, with her I was much calmer and felt safe.

I feel Bec offered a calm, positive, knowledgeable, caring and confidence presence, this was really helpful to both me and my partner and was essential in achieving the birth we had hoped for.

Testimonial: From the bottom of my heart thank you so, so, so much for your support during my labour. I knew you had your work cut out with me being such a weepy lunatic but you were amazing & made the experience so much more positive. You were such a huge help to my husband as well, you helped him to feel so much more confident and in control. I really am so grateful for all your help during and leading up to the birth.